Open Call for 2012 Installation/Film Proposals

Deadline: 22 November 2011

Interested artists or groups of artists are invited to submit proposals for Installations & Film works to be included in the 115th Annual Exhibition. Proposals in all mediums will be considered. Proposals should be installation-based, respond to the site and be flexible to the space requirements. New artwork designed specifically for the space, or existing artwork that is re-purposed for this specific exhibition, are encouraged. Installations will be required to leave the space in the same condition it was found in, so all installations must be minimally-invasive. Proposals should be well-considered and clearly explained.

Please note that SSA 2012 will be in the Lower Galleries therefore the resulting space restriction should be borne in mind when submitting proposals. In response to several enquries, the long gallery is 336cm (132 inch) high and the Octagons are 323cm (127inch) high.

Guidelines and forms may be downloaded here (no longer available)
(please note that guidelines downloaded prior to 23/10/11 included the incorrect deadline. The correct deadline is 22/11/11)

Floor plans including all dimensions may be downloaded here:
Cruciform Layout
Octagon Layout