Re:Connect reflects on the current circumstances and aims to reconnect us with themes, objects, people and places that are meaningful and may have become distant over the last year. The online exhibition features a range of positive and thoughtful drawings and paintings by 30 SSA members.

“Reconnecting in relation to nature . . . can illustrate the fundamental cause of the ecological (and spiritual) crises we face, it suggests that we are, or can become, disconnected, essentially separate. I would posit that a first move towards healing (for human and non-human) is a kind of remembering, that the connection between humanity and the wider web of life is never really lost . . . I would suggest the reconnection required is to the awareness of our essential connection to all other life, and to the senses of wonder, and longing.” Andrew Phillips, invited artist

This online showcase was selected and curated by SSA council members by Gillian Spanswick and Gillian A McFarland, with invited artist Andrew Phillips.

All the works are available to purchase and are exclusively online. 

Exhibiting Artists: Senada Borcilo | BecsBoyd | Anne Brodie | Chris Brook | Soosan Danesh | Jean Duncan | Adrian Gardner | Dianne Gardner | Hugh Gillan | Gregor Henderson | Maree Hughes | Rita Kermack | Lynsey MacKenzie | Mary May | Siobhan McLaughlin | Karen Monaghan | Sophia Pauley | Gemma Petrie | Andrew Phillips | Tamara Rogovic | Charlotte Roseberry | Mooie Scott | John Slavin | Kerry Souter | Marissa Stoffer | Mary Walters | Jane Wheeler | Sonja Witts | Fenneke Wolters-Sinke | Denise Zygadlo


A conversation between co-curator Gillian McFarland, invited artist and art therapist Andrew Philips and exhibitor Tamara Rogovic, around creativity, connectivity and our journeys through lockdowns. The event will be hosted online as a Zoom meeting and registration is essential. 

Friday 18th June, 7 – 8pm
Register for the event here
Registration is essential

Image: Andrew Phillips, New Light (detail), 2020, acrylic, ink and pastel on paper, 34 x 34 cm