Rites of Spring

rites-of-spring-wwThursday 21 March, 5.30 – 7.30

Royal Scottish Academy, The Mound, EH2 2EL

Please join us for this special fund-raising celebration during our annual exhibition.

With a glass of wine, this is a fantastic opportunity to parade in the RSA galleries and enjoy works exhibited, not only by the SSA, but also by RSW and VAS.

A £50 raffle ticket will buy you an original work by a leading Scottish artist – hiding amongst the prizes are works by the likes of John C Brown, Liz Douglas, Alison Dunlop, Joyce Gunn Cairns, Charles MacQueen, Catriona Mann, Janet Melrose, Gordon Mitchell, Nan Mulder, Nicola Murray, Philip Reeves, Elaine Schemilt, Christine Woodside … Or you can join the excitement of the auction of a unique John Bellany drawing.

The galleries will be alive with music too, from Blueflint, bringing you sweet-voiced Americana, to classical guitar and violins, Northumbrian pipes and Project Moonbase who will play a Spring-themed set from futures past and present.

Please buy tickets for yourself and as many friends as possible. It is only through your support that the three societies can continue to exhibit in these prestigious and beautiful galleries, which were, after all, built as a shared public facility.

Most importantly, it will be fun!

Please download your booking form here