This year we would like to invite our Members to join us in a series of events to support them in whatever challenges they are currently facing, and to come together to share some tools and resources that we hope will be positive and helpful. We will continue to add resources to this page that our Members may find of use to them in their practice and day-to-day life so please check back regularly.

We have started with three events built around Mental Health Awareness Week: Artist and Life Coach Jenny Pope took Members through some exercises around coping strategies; we then had Dr Laura Taylor guiding us through grounding techniques; and finally we were joined by Nurse Kirsty McAteer to talk about resources for wellbeing.

We have recorded all of these events, and these are available to view on our SSA YouTube Channel


These events are intended to connect with our Members and bring the arts community together at this challenging time. However, if you feel that you are in need of greater support, please contact your GP or other medical practitioners. Further information