SSA Featured Artist–Anne Corrance Monk

Meet this months featured artist Anne Corrance Monk!

Tell us what got you into art – how you got started – what first excited you.

As a child I drew over everything, at school, I won a book on Degas; the composition and mark making took my breath away.

Where do you make your work?

Using photographs and materials such as polythene, wool or sellotape, I explore surfaces and spaces, inside and out: from the surface of the sea to the interior spaces of domestic and iconic buildings.

What are your main influences and sources of inspiration?

Everything and everybody I encounter informs my work, from images of the revealed forms of the victims of Vesuvius after it erupted in the 1st century AD to Star Trek. But if I narrow it down, the things that most inspire me are my favourite book, Tom’s Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce, which I first read when I was 12, all about the nature of time and reality and love and loss, and my polytunnel; my favourite place; all flowers and memories and mess.

Is there some piece of advice / information / knowledge that you’d like to share?

Raymond Isidore started covering things in bits of broken glass and ceramic. Fast forward thirty years and he’d covered his whole house, inside and out, beds, chairs, coffee pots, everything. He only stopped when his wife told him to. If I get stuck, I think…..what would Raymond do?

Tell us about a project you are working on at present. 

The wheelbarrows of Uist that found themselves at the Scottish Parliament building as part of “so much depends upon….” by Hans K Clausen are heading to Nunton Steadings on Benbecula in the summer. Using sellotape and a wheelbarrow body, I ll be creating a drawing/sculpture there.

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