Donate Cash, a Prize or Make a Donation Towards an Advertisement in the Annual Exhibition Catalogue.

Make a Financial Donation

There are many ways in which individuals or businesses can help the work of the Society, but the simplest is by making a straightforward donation. The Society is enormously grateful for any support it receives, however small. What’s more, as a registered charity the SSA can claim Gift Aid tax relief of between 25p on every pound you give (see below for details).

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Donate a Prize in an Individual or a Company’s Name

The benefit to an artist in winning a prize from a major Institution like the SSA cannot be measured simply in terms of the monetary value attached. The boost to an artist’s confidence can be immensely important.

By sponsoring a prize, an individual or business can have a hugely beneficial affect on the life and career of an artst, and indirectly upon the work of the Society itself.

Sponsors of prizes are invited to view the exhibition before it opens to the public in order to choose the winning work or, if they prefer, they can ask the President and Council to make this choice on their behalf. The sponsor can give a name of their choice to the prize and this can be used to remember an individual or equally to increase awareness of a business or Company Name to the estimated 20,000 visitors (figs. based on SSA 2008) to the Galleries during the run of the Exhibition.

Prize-giving ceremonies may be arranged when possible in order for the Sponsor to have a chance to meet the recipient and also to maximise the positive publicity that such organised events can generate.

Sponsors also benefit from acknowledgments in the printed catalogue, the Society’s website, and any publicity the prize may generate in the Press.

Please CONTACT US to enquire about sponsoring a prize

Advertise in the Annual Exhibition Catalogue

Perhaps the most direct way for a business to support the Society, and the one which has the most simple, direct and obvious benefit to the Sponsor is to make a donation towards an advertisement in the annual Exhibition Catalogue. Exhibition catalogues tend to have a ‘long life’ as they are often kept for reference, rather than being discarded – so their benefit to advertisers can be greater than in ‘ordinary media’.

For a business, any amount paid in respect of an advert in the exhibition catalogue should be deductible for Corporation Tax purposes.

Minimum suggested donation:
Full page ­ colour £500.
Full page ­ black and white £???.
Half page ­ colour £250.
Half page ­ black and white £175.

Print run and distribution:
A minimum of 2000 catalogues will be printed. Some 20,000 patrons visited the exhibition last year. The market includes art buyers and collectors, cultural tourists, local residents, regular gallery visitors, school groups, practicing professional artists, recent art school graduates, other students, lecturers and teachers.

Technical requirements for advertisers:
Format: Full colour and black-and-white publication.

Technical data:
Pagination between 32 and 40 pages
Page size 200 mm x 210 mm
Type area 176 mm x 190 mm
full page advert size: 185mm x 187 mm
half page landscape advert size: 185 x 91 mm
half page portrait advert size: 91 x 187 mm

Adverts to be sent in pdf format in CMYK at 300dpi when at the size to be used.

Please CONTACT US to enquire about advertising in the catalogue.

Charitable Giving and the Inland Revenue

Gift Aid is one of the simplest and most effective ways of giving to charity. If you are a UK taxpayer and you Gift Aid your donation, the SSA will receive an additional 25p for every pound you give. All you need to do is to complete our [online] Gift Aid declaration form. The SSA will reclaim the basic rate tax from the Inland Revenue. There is no extra cost to you and the process is simple – all you have to do is make a Gift Aid declaration.

If you are a higher rate taxpayer and you declare your donation on your tax return then you can reclaim a rebate based on the difference between the higher rate and the basic rate when you fill in your Self Assessment form.

If the donation is being made through a company then the amount does not qualify for Gift Aid but should be capable of being deducted for Corporation Tax (CT) purposes and we would hope you could bear this in mind when determining the amount to donate. Similarly any amount paid in respect of an advert in the exhibition catalogue should be deductible for CT purposes.

Further Information From Arts & Business

Arts & Business produce an excellent and comprehensive Tax Guide and we are grateful to them for their permission to include the link below:

Since the introduction of Gift Aid in 1990, major steps have been taken to improve the tax treatment of donations in the U.K. The cumulative effect of these changes has meant that the U.K. now has one of the best systems for tax-efficient giving in the world. There has never been a better time to support the arts. Private giving provides vital support to art and culture and we need to ensure that these funds creat continued growth and excellence in the sector. Whether donating cash, shares, land, property, time, energy or skills, donors/businesses are making a vital contribution to the UK’s cultural scene and the local and national community. Arts & Business have an excellent Tax Guide, developed with the support of Deloitte, which can help you ensure that you are giving to the sector tax efficiently. It focuses on individual giving and includes a series of case studies that show how people are already supporting the arts and cultural sector.

External Link: